As I was reading some interesting articles and publications on digital transformation in the last weeks I though i might be useful to share some thoughts extremely summarized.

Most commonly in the Corporate Environment it is thought that Digitally transformed companies are those who gave more space to younger digital native generation. Techies who are “living” digital. Wrong vision I would say.

With a brilliant study published 1st semester by MIT we learn that digital mature companies are those where digital transformation strategy is widely shared by all ” Corporate generations”. Transformation is managing change with people’s buy-in.

Furthermore digital transformation success lies essentially in the clarity of digital strategy and corporate goals, while technology is a mean but not an end. Digital is about strategy not only technology driven.

At the end we could dare an additional comparison : such as innovation Digital transformation is very much human based. Whatever the quality of technology and processes you will always need Innovators’ brilliant ideas and enthusiasm.

Let’s never forget the human side of digital!