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Insights on Digitalization

In a recent Digital Forum organized by Insead I have also found other insights on what digitalization means. Here are the main findings excerpted from Annet Aris. Digitalization has still a lot of room for progression : in Europe the average rate of digitalization (across industries) doesn’t exceed 12%, growing to 18% in the US. …

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Simple thoughts on digital transformation

As I was reading some interesting articles and publications on digital transformation in the last weeks I though i might be useful to share some thoughts extremely summarized. Most commonly in the Corporate Environment it is thought that Digitally transformed companies are those who gave more space to younger digital native generation. Techies who are …

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Qualities for a business developer

Thinking about what is business development I tried to find my own definition of it. For me Business Development is the process that goes from idea definition to sales or go to market of the “Product/Solution”. If we agree on that definition business development is somehow very different from sales development but this doesn’t mean …

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